Aug 162011

Geotargeting allows you to limit the delivery of your ad campaigns to certain continents, countries, regions, or cities. MaxMind offers several databases (and a public software library) that can be deployed to accomplish this.

These databases (made available as data files) can be integrated into OpenX using the openXMaxMindGeoIP plugin. Continue reading »

Apr 242011

After we successfully installed the OpenX ad management system, we can now integrate this tool into our website. That allows us to set up accounts and management interfaces for individual advertisers, or to display advertisements from the OpenX Market. Continue reading »

Apr 222011

Previously, we installed the Advertising Manager plugin for WordPress. We showed how to integrate advertisements from Google AdSense into your website. But this same plugin supports other advertising networks as well. Since OpenX is the first competitor to AdSense, we now elaborate on the installation and configuration of this alternative ad manager and marketplace. Continue reading »