Sep 032012

Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and CSS, 2nd Edition

Just released by O’Reilly:

PHP and MySQL remain the top combination for developing modern websites with dynamic data and user interaction. Once you add JavaScript, you have Ajax — the framework behind many popular Internet destinations. This concise, understandable guide teaches non-programmers and web designers how to use these powerful tools quickly and easily. The book also introduces Apache, CSS, and XHTML.

Aug 162011

Geotargeting allows you to limit the delivery of your ad campaigns to certain continents, countries, regions, or cities. MaxMind offers several databases (and a public software library) that can be deployed to accomplish this.

These databases (made available as data files) can be integrated into OpenX using the openXMaxMindGeoIP plugin. Continue reading »

Aug 042011

After installing the Drupal core, the Reports section in the administrator’s interface warns us that APC is installed but not enabled. This Alternative PHP Cache can easily be deployed as part of Drupal, optimizing the execution of PHP code and the serving of data.

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Aug 032011

Almost a year ago, we got very excited after looking into Drupal. Back then, version 7 of this Content Management Framework (CMF) was not yet available.

Today it is. And although not all modules are available for the new core, version 7 looks even better than its predecessor.

In this article we describe the complete installation of a multi-site Drupal system. Continue reading »

Feb 222011

The hundreds of milliseconds — sometimes even seconds — ticking away each time you click on a web link or button are in general not caused by a lack of resources at server or client side. Only when your local PC or the remote system is busy, limitations in processing power or memory are causing extra delays. Most often, the network is the bottleneck.

That means that computer resources and network bandwidth/speed can be balanced better using data compression. For network traffic is reduced at the cost of higher workloads at the endpoints.

In this article we describe the data compression facilities available with the Apache HTTP server, and we show a basic setup.

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