Aug 042011

After installing the Drupal core, the Reports section in the administrator’s interface warns us that APC is installed but not enabled. This Alternative PHP Cache can easily be deployed as part of Drupal, optimizing the execution of PHP code and the serving of data.

The easiest way to remedy this, is to enable the feature in the PHP configuration file /etc/php.ini. On our CentOS 5 system, the switch will be set in the file /etc/php.d/apc.ini:

apc.rfc1867 = 1

Now we restart the http server:

/etc/init.d/httpd restart

And we can see in the Drupal interface, the APC feature is now enabled.


The basic Drupal engine supports only one file upload at the same time. A better solution is the deployment of the PHP package uploadprogress.

We install the package directly from PECL:

pecl install uploadprogress

After that is done, we have to enable the module. So we create a new PHP configuration file /etc/php.d/uploadprogress.ini:

; Enable uploadprogress extension module

Restarting the server and rechecking the Reports shows us that everything is installed fine now.

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