Aug 072011

We had already installed the OpenX advertisement server before. Now we want to integrate the ad management system into a Drupal site.

The installation of the OpenX module is no different than that of other modules. Simply unzip the package into your sites/all/modules/ directory.

Then you go to the modules management page to enable the newly installed module.

Module Configuration

Clicking to Home -> Administration -> Configuration -> OpenX shows us the configuration page voor this module. At the bottom you find the settings for your/the OpenX ad server.

There you enter the addresses this plugin should use to access the ad server. In our case the invocation path is "". You can find your own invocation path by logging in as the administrator in your OpenX system, change your Working as setting at the top right to Administrator account, and click to Configuration -> Global Settings -> Banner Delivery Settings.

Creating the Advertisement Blocks

At the top of the Drupal OpenX module configuration page you now have to enter the numbers of the zones you defined in OpenX for your website. The easiest way is to navigate to Inventory -> Zones, where you select the web site to get the ad zones defined for that domain.

The fastest way to get these zones in the Drupal OpenX module is to select the name and meanwhile look at the zone number in the link in the status bar of your browser.


The OpenX module automatically creates a block for each zone, to be inserted in your site structure.

If you want, you can disable the blocks for certain roles, users and pages. That way, for example, you could not show any ads to paying visitors.

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  1. Don’t you need to put the tag that openx ad server generates into the of the website? If so, how is that done in d7?

  2. Thanx a lot for this steps !
    I succeed all these but i cope with the variables problems. Indeed i would like to send from Drupal variables to openx but i cant find any documents, how to…. and i made lots of tests unsucessful
    any suggestion, idea would be really appreciate !!

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