Aug 162011

Geotargeting allows you to limit the delivery of your ad campaigns to certain continents, countries, regions, or cities. MaxMind offers several databases (and a public software library) that can be deployed to accomplish this.

These databases (made available as data files) can be integrated into OpenX using the openXMaxMindGeoIP plugin.

openXMaxMindGeoIP Configuration

First, make sure that this plugin is installed and enabled, by logging in as administrator, switching to the Administrator account, and clicking to Plugins.

Now look at the Details, where you can also find the Settings button.

There we can enter the paths to the MaxMind database files. In this case, we downloaded the less accurate but free files containing country and city data. We then placed these in our webserver data/configuration directory, this being a protected location that the webserver can read but our visitors cannot.

After saving the paths to the newly installed database files, we click to Configuration -> Global Settings -> Geotargeting Settings. There we set the Geotargeting Module Type to OpenX MaxMind (Flat file).

Geo Delivery Limitations

Now geotargeting delivery limitations become available with each campaign and banner. Switching back to the Default manager and clicking to Inventory -> Campaigns, and then selecting one of your ad campaigns and Delivery Options, shows two new Delivery Limitations: Geo Continent and Geo Country. Adding these allows you to select the countries where your advertisements should be displayed.

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