Oct 262011

Upgrading modules in Drupal can be performed from the web-interface. Unfortunately but understandably, this is not the case for the Core system. That requires a download and install by hand, replacing the current software tree while saving the current configuration, modules, themes, and libraries. In this article we describe the upgrade from Drupal Core version 7.7 to 7.8.


We start our upgrade by downloading the tarball from the Drupal site, after which we uncompress it in our drupal/ directory:

tar -zxvf .../drupal-7.8.tar.gz

That leaves us with a directory containing the following subdirectories and symbolic links:

drupal -> drupal-7
drupal-7 -> drupal-7.7

Note that the symlink drupal-7 is currently pointing to the drupal-7.7/ directory of our existing Drupal installation.


Everything we want to keep is in the sites/ directory of our old (current) installation. So we have to copy everything to our new sites/ directory, without overwriting the new and possibly changed files that came with the new version of Drupal Core. In this case, we leave these files alone, after making sure of course that we did not change these in the old installation:


What needs to be copied is the other content in the all/modules/, all/libraries/, and all/themes/ directories, and the site-specific directories and symlinks in all/, for example using the cp -R command.


After that has been completed, moving to the new Drupal Core version is just a matter of switching the symbolic link to point to the new installation:

rm drupal-7
ln -s drupal-7.8 drupal-7

Now check that your freshly installed Drupal version is working properly. And that’s all there is to it!

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