Aug 212010

While most webmasters use Google Analytics to keep track of their visitors, WordPress offers its users its own statistics service.

To set it up, you need to install the Stats plugin.


This plugin requires an API key, offering your local WordPress software an entrance to the central stats service at

If you have not already, you need to open an account at the website:

After confirming through the link you receive by e-mail, you can log in to get you API key. Go to My Account -> Edit My Profile -> API Key to find it. Think of your key as a password; keep it safe.

Installing the Plugin

Now download the plugin and install the files stats.php and open-flash-chart.swf in the stats/ directory:

mkdir wordpress/wp-content/plugins/stats/
chmod 755 wordpress/wp-content/plugins/stats/
cp stats/stats.php stats/open-flash-chart.swf \

Now go back to the administrator’s Dashboard and follow Dashboard -> Plugins to enable the plugin.

Configuring the Plugin

After you activate the Stats plugin, it warns you that it needs the API key.

After entering the key, WordPress should confirm the account it belongs to. Now you can add your blog to your account.

In this last screen you can grant others than the administrator access to the statistics.

Through the link on the top of the screen, you can access your statistics.

In the future, you will probably check your statistics directly using the shortcut in the dashboard: Dashboard -> Stats.

Now you are ready to get these statistic going by attracting loads of visitors to your blog.

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