Apr 122011

Last time we installed the CAPTCHA plugin to allow visitors to leave comments on our WordPress site without having to create an account. This time, we deploy the OpenID plugin, so visitors can use their generic OpenID credentials when navigating our site.


As always, we start the installation of the plugin by unzipping the software package in the wp-content/plugins/ directory:

cd wp-content/plugins/
unzip .../openid.xxx.zip

Now we move to the Plugins page in our Administrators Dashboard, where we activate the new plugin.


Then we click Settings -> OpenID. There we can configure the OpenID provider, allowing registered users to use our own website to provide OpenID credentials to others. We enable it for all users except Subscribers.

As this settings page tells us, the other options are at the General Settings and Discussion Settings pages. Clicking Settings -> General shows us a new Membership option: "New accounts can only be created with verified OpenIDs". That could serve as an alternative to our CAPTCHA check. However, we leave it unchecked for now.

Clicking Settings -> Discussion shows us a seperate block OpenID Settings. There we tick all three options and the click Save Changes.

Notice that OpenID is not a plugin that you are likely to use together with CAPTCHA. You rather deploy the one or the other.

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